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Hatch Valley Middle School
Hatch Valley Middle School
901 E. Herrera Rd.
Hatch, NM 87937

Secretary: Pauline Angel
Phone:  (575) 267-8250
Fax:  (575) 267-8255

Principal: Daniel Montoya

Assistant Principal: Eligio Gonzalez
Counselor: Luis Barreras

Librarian: Priscilla Cabral
(575) 267-8257

August Events
August 11 - First Day of School
August 14 - 6th Grade Parent Orientation @ 5:30 - Cafeteria
August 27 - Pep Assembly
HVMS Calendar

The HVMS community will work together to enhance student learning by providing the highest level of instruction. We are here to:

* Learn basic skill
* Learn critical thinking by modeling strategies for success
* Become productive, responsible members of our society
* Create an environment which promotes collaboration and communication among all stakeholders
* Support the welfare and progress of our community

and to continue to challenge ourselves as LIFE LONG LEARNERS.