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Counseling Office Philosophy
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      Counseling Office Philosophy

      Each person is a unique individual with his/her own physical, mental and emotional characteristics. The guidance and counseling program accepts responsibility for providing services, which are flexible and responsive enough to meet the varying needs of the student. To accomplish this in the school, there is a need for constant readjustment aimed at assisting the student in recognizing his/her uniqueness, in becoming aware of potential, and in accepting his/her weaknesses. This helps the students make the wisest possible choices and develop as a well adjusted and successful adult. The guidance and counseling program continually assesses its effectiveness in terms of the total school-community environment. It is alert to changes in society, changes in students, and changes in the school in order to keep services flexible and responsive to new needs and new demands as they arise.


    • Middle School Counselors Provide Support By:
      • -helping identify student needs

      • -providing referrals to outside agencies as needed

      • -maintaining appropriate confidentiality

      • -guiding students in individual planning

Middle School Counselor
  • Counselor Contact Info:

    Nadia Moreno



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     *Access for ELLS
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    Apr. 3 - May 12

    *EOC (8th Grade Health & Algebra I)
    2 Consecutive in Last 3 weeks of semester

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