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HVMS Student Senate


Student Senate 2016-2017


Pennies for Patients



Hatch Valley Middle School Student Senate with the help of students, parents, and faculty have raised $1252.87 for Pennies for Patients this year. The funds go to research to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

The survival rate for these types of blood cancers was 3% in 1964 to today at 88%. Students at HVMS donated pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to raise over the $1000.00 school goal.  HVMS Student Senate members worked daily for a month to count all the money. Mr. Cisco, Health teacher and Football coach agreed to wear a dress for a day if the school raised over $1000.00.

Fourth period classes competed to raise money to donate to the cause. A $50.00 Domino’s pizza party goes to Mrs. Orozco’s class for raising over $400.00, collecting her second 1st place gold pennant. Mrs. Dominguez has now collected her 3rd class pennant for the cause and came in 2nd this year raising over $300.00 to receive a silver pennant, also receiving a $50.00 Domino’s gift card. Mrs. Pineda’s class won the bronze pennant raising over $100.00.


Top row: Daniel Gomez, Julian Angel, Jesus Gonzalez, Mrs. Martinez Sponsor, Mr. Montoya Principal, Aaron Cisco, Oscar Gonzalez, Jesus Navarro, and Jose-Maria Moreno

Bottom Row: Laura Rodriguez, Brandy Lara, Karla Soto, Daisy Lopez, Pricilla Chairez,  Anisleidy Lujan, Nevaeh Moyers, Mya Chavez, and Maritza Martinez



Student Senate

Margot Martinez

What Is Student Senate

The HVMS Student Senate is a team of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders whose mission is to serve our school and community through fundraising for those in need and making others aware of current issues.

Student Senate raised $1,200.00 for Pennies for Patients. We also raised money for the families that lost their homes in the fire last fall. You can also see that for Thanksgiving we collected cans to give to our families in need. We also organized an anti-bully campaign at the beginning of the school year, helped 7th grade NM Social Studies with the Living Wax Museum, and organized a Drug Awareness campaign throughout the school. We also assisted Ms. Petermeir's Theater Class for their performance. 


8Th Grade

Julian Angel

Dionicio Banegas

Priscilla Chairez

Aaron Cisco

Daniel Gomez

Oscar Gonzalez

Jesus Gonzalez-Martha

Brandy Lara

Daisy Lopez

Anisleidy Lujan

Maritza Martinez

Laura Rodriguez

Lizette Rodriguez

Karla Soto

7th Grade

Mya Chavez

JoseMaria Moreno

Nevaeh Moyers

Jesus Navarro, Jr.